How To Fix Invalid Imei Issue On Android Device - Root Users

 Assalamu Alaikum Guy's, Today I'm getting to teach you ways to repair invalid Imei problem on Android Devices.

Most people are wiping there Andriod phone due to malware and other internal problems. Sometimes if you wiped your Android Device, the phone's Imei are going to be removed unfortunately. That couse network problem to your phone, you will not be ready to call or maybe browse with the phone. 

As you follow me along, i will be able to show you the thanks to add new or your previous Imei back.


1- you want to be Rooted

2- Chamalaphon apk

3-Valid Imei Number

We Are Good to Proceed , Follow The Procedures Carefully.

1- Check the rear of your phone, Remove the battery, you'll see your previous imei there.

2- Download and install chamelphone apk.

3-Open the App, you'll grant for root permission then accept it.

4- you'll see two Spaces to fill in Imei, If you've got your previous Imei, you'll just add it there, but if you do not know your previous imei just click on generate Imei, it'll generate new one for you.

5- Click on Apply imei, it'll show you something as this below

6- Then Reboot Your Device.

That's All

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