I refer to the statement by Minister of Education Adamu Adamu, published by National News Lead dated 18th August 2022 with the above_mentioned subject matter and herewith response accordingly.

 " Never underestimate the value of tough time and failure, for a winner is not he who has never tested failure, but he who fails and try again and again, and never give up is the winner." ____  Ananymous.

To call a spade a spade, the verdict of the Minister of Education regarding to the ASUU do not institutionalize litigation. Against this backdrop, any student that has the temerity of seeking compensation from ASUU for waisting his/her time, will face his Waterloo, and his/her academic endeavour will end in ignominy.

It is pertinent for the Honourable Minister to take into cognisance, that ASUU did not waste our time. Any student that do not exposed himself/herself to the full glare of true Chemistry of Nigeria, is said to have wasted his/her time. What do I mean by this? I mean, in every crisis there is an opportunity. The students who are level headed in their ramifications would take the present ASUU strike as an opportunity and not a waste. With the above little analogy, ASUU did not waste our time. Gone were the days, when students should continue to be deceived by the shimmering glance of white collar jobs. Thinking of a white collar job is like chasing a shadow under a mirage in the Nigerian context.  

As a result of doing this and even by doing that, University Curriculum Designers, had seen the proliferation of graduates year in year out, and came up with the idea of introducing Entrepreneurship as a compulsory course for all the three hundred level students, irrespective of their disciplines. The internal locus of control behind the introduction of Entrepreneurship, is to instill creativity and originality in the students, and viz_a_viz to reduce their lots for relying on government for jobs after graduation.

The basic underpinnings of an economy are: consistent government policy,  strong infrastructure, and job creation. Government do not create jobs but government create environment to create jobs. All the indices for someone should be looking for an economy of our time, have gone in the negative territory. The Economic advise I deem it necessary to give to the Nigerian Government, is to inject resources to the Universities in order to enhance Entrepreneurship Education. The curriculum in the Nigerian Universities has to be redesigned to go in tandem with the common trajectory of modern economy, so as to reduce unemployment. Our Universities should be producing graduates that will be self reliant after graduation. That will only be possible if Entrepreneurship is given a high premium.

Our educational system is in sort of, what I will say high intensive care unit. What we need to do now is to carry a quick bypass surgery to get it back to working. Nigeria is ours to make or to mar. At this present state of Nigeria's predicament, investing in educational sector will serve a great purpose in restoring her past glory. Nigeria is naturally endowed with human and natural resources but our lacuna is our lackadaisical attitude towards education. What we need at this juncture of our searching for nationhood, is revamping our educational sector. The panacea to the problems that have been eating deep into the marrow of our country, rely heavily on good educational policy.

The last but by no means the least, late Mallam Aminu Kano says and to quote him verbatim: " I have seen the light in the far horizon, I intend to match to its full circle, either alone or with anyone who cares to go with me." I have the firm belief that one day Nigeria will be great. I pray for one, united, prosperous and indivisible Nigeria, where peace and justice shall reign. Amen.

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