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Peace be upon you! Welcome to RealityLoaded.com.ngLight Toward Success

I am Abdulrahman Zakariyya a Passionate Blogger, Web Designer, Software Developer, Online  Freelancer, and Problem Solver with 7 years experience, Enthusiast based in Kaduna Arewa in, Nigeria. And also a Fashion Embroidery designer with more than 10 years experience.

RealityLoaded.com.ng Is one among the simplest and Best Web Blog In Nigeria, Where we Give People Latest updates about Facts, Local News,  Entertainments, Lifestyle, Education, Religious preach and lots more.

RealityLoaded Blog (Realityloaded.com.ng)  is Abdulrahman Zakariyya's Concept and Initiative. it had been created since 2016 by this young man. It started with the name RealityTechs Blog before it alter then, it was raised as a results of the love for our country, to carter for the requirements of Nigerians in free stuffs like free browsing, tweaking, mobile and pc related topics, tech updates and tutorials review.

Despite now is a web site that alter only with the intention of teaching, Informing,entertaining, encouraging and making awareness for the final public during a distinctive and engaging means.  this web site can concentrate on transfer all the knowledge the final public wants in their lives. 

The Aims of this web site is extraordinarily huge within the sense that it can't be expressed here, however here ar the most ones:

 1. Propagating Social life, online through Articles, opinions of the ulema and far a lot of in Hausa, Arabic and English languages severally. 

 2. To convey everybody the possibility to specific their views on everything with none harassment. 

 3. Making awareness for the final public on the way to tackle their non secular, political and social issues. 

 4. Enriching the approach to life, language and therefore the general behaviors of the Hausa folks within the media for higher understanding among alternative tribes and voters everywhere the globe Through articles and footage. 

 5. To produce a Bank of knowledge that the total world will enjoy it. 

 6. Reducing the amount of stress among students find some data for his or her instructional problems by providing such data. 

 7. Serving to Couples with the essential data which will guide them on the way to create their relationship higher. 

 8. Providing wholesome amusement for those seeking it from everywhere the globe. 

 9. Informing the general public what they have to grasp regarding what's happening within the world. 

10. Encouraging the Hausa folks in showcasing their culture and heritage through the web to the globe at giant.

We shall offer you "readers" the newest and what's associated with facts, technology and Entertainments. Also we offer guide/help to people that got themselves engaged in any difficulties in there day to day activities. 

The young tech astute has since then contributed to the expansion and development of the site in Arewa Nigeria and to Nigeria as a Nation.

Feel free to surf round the site to discover anything you want/looking for.

Stay connected to Realityloaded.com.ng because we're here to supply help, educate and enlighten you.

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