How Get Unlimited Coins, Gold, Money On Any Android App/Game Using Lucky Patcher App

 Hello Guys, today I'm getting to teach you way to use Lucky Patcher apk to shop for anything like gold,coins,money,dollars e.t.c from any apps and games for free of charge.

How To Buy All Gold Coins Money Upgrades and ETC with hack Luckey patcher for free

Note:- Your phone must be Rooted

1-First of all download and install this lucky patcher :-Here

2-After that open it and follow these screenshots to hack your playstore 

3-Open the lucky patcher grant it root access and if it ask for update update it after all that click on toolbox 

4-After that click on install modded google  playstore.

5-After that click on modded Google play store version 6.3.16.

6-After that click on install.

7-After that you'll wait for a while for it to process it might take some time so be patience and wait for the loading to complete.

8-After that your phone will reboot then open the lucky patcher again and click the tool again
9-After that click on Block Ads 

9-After that click on  Block Ads on Device.

10-After that you'll wait a little and you'll see a notice saying
"Host File Updated"

11-After that click on playstore and then you'll see some options,
Then click on Open Menu of Patches.

12-After that you'll see this message just ignore it and click on. YES 

13-After that click on Support patch for inApp and LVL emulation 

14-After that click on Apply 

15-After that you'll wait for the
Analyzing strings
Analyzing results
Patching and Creating .odex with changes to complete processing.

16-After that you'll get this success message which means you've hacked your play store successfully just click on OK.

17-After that lunch any of your apps or games that you want to upgrade its coins gold money and so on through the lucky patcher click on the app or game and click on
Lunch App I lunched fast racing 3D.

18-Once the game or app you lunched loads finish proceed to the store or the place you want to upgrade.

19-I click on upgrade and it says I don't have enough dollars that if I want to get more and I click on BUY.

20-After that it load some options for me to chose what I want to buy and I chosed the highest of all dollars which is
$1600000 golds @ $99.99
With it I can buy everything on the game in and out.

20-When you go ahead to buy the thing you want immediately you click on BUY you'll see this option on lucky patcher that says do you want to get this item for free
Just click on YES and the thing will be free live and direct.

21-After that you can then enjoy your apps and games for free live and direct as you can see I bought unlimited dollars for free and unlocked many items.

With this guide you can get anything for free both online and Offline  apps and game.. Enjoy

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  1. First, get the app from here and use it for free.

  2. Can we withdraw the money?

  3. how can hack critical strike gold and cash please

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