How to Patch and Bypass Online payment on Almost Any Andriod App/Games Using Freedom Apk

 Hello Guys, today I'm going to teach you how to use freedom apk to buy anything like gold,coins,money,dollars e.t.c from any apps and games for free.

First Of All Download and Install Freedom :-Here

Note:- Your phone most be Rooted

Follow The Instructions Below

1-Open freedom and grant it root access and then you will see all your apps and games that is requesting you to buy gold,money,coins e.t.c just click on the app you want to buy the things for

2-As you can see the screenshot above,  I only have 3 apps that is requesting me to buy something for. I click on fast racing 3D thats the app i want so when you click on yours you will see some random slangs just wait untill your app will launch through freedom.

3-Once your app or game opens, you can then go to the option of what you want to buy.

4-I want to use this car and it cost 400,000$ and I don't have the money but i still proceed and click on buy, and it says I don't have enough dollars and I still proceed and click on buy.

5-When I click on buy it opens playstore and it cost 19,900 naira which I don't have I still clicked on buy.

6-And as you can see,it says payment successful which means freedom has paid for me for free

7-And as you can see I've just paid for the car and now I'm  able to use it,
The 400,000$ is no more there now enjoying the ride.

8-After buying all the things you want to buy, you can then go back to freedom and click on the option menu, and then click stop before you exit it so it won't affect your playstore

9-When you click on stop, you then click your back key to exit and enjoy your paid apps and games for free that's all.

That's how to buy any apps and games with in app purchase for free with freedom App.

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  1. Really intresting right? Give it a try and drop your testimonies!!