" The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moment if comfort and convenience, but where he stands in terms of challenge and controversy"  ____ Says Martin Luther Junior King.

To begin with, I will like to say kudos to the Economics Department for the cancellation of the purported Second Semester Examinations.They have proven to the world of academia, they are ideological in their resolute. Kudos to all the ASUU Members KASU Chapter, who refused to dance to the tune of our politicians. They really deserve showers of encomiums.

To hit the nail on the head, a graduate assistant for instance, who might have assumed office today, is far better than any politician. I categorically say this without any fear of threat or intimidation. If anyone things that  politicians are closer to the academics in terms of pedigree, then it is a matter of pen and paper. Let anyone who is ready to depend politicians come to the forefront and do so. My pen is ever more ready to depend the academics; the pivots through which every development rotates. '' Wallahi Billahi" being an undergraduate, I can write a book of more than a thousand pages to divulge the secrets of Nigerian politicians." Dan kawai ana kyale su". To call a spade a spade, some of our politicians and academics have gotten the advantage of 'privilege' to be in their positions. By the grace of Almighty Allah, divine Providence will give us that same privilege, so as to be more resolute in our ideology than our predecessors. 

There is a common saying " One good turns deserves another". The Doubting Thomases needs adumbration of what I have said. Every Tom Dick and Harry, can be a politician in the Nigerian political calculus, but to be a graduate, only those who have graduated could narrate the ordeal of the rough and tumble, and as well as the vicissitudes they have encountered to become graduates. Let alone to be a second degree holder; third degree holder and a Professor for that matter! But with regards to the politicians, a certificate forger can be anything in the Nigerian political terrain. With the above little analogy, academics are not, and can never be tantamount to the politicians

In addendum, it is a total foolhardy for the academics to succumb to the whimsical ultimatum of a political leader threatening to sack them. Even a formidable football team that consistutes of eleven players, needs managerial wherewithal and paraphernalia, and as well as huge amount of resources to be formed to win a trophy. To use an Economic lingo, they can only be formed "in the long run". Imagine this bunkum, bullshit, and balderdash statement: " I will sack all KASU lecturers". When I heard the statement, I have made the conclusion: " It was a banters of jocks" You know, in the field of Economics, we base our findings on conclusion. Making a statement of sacking of all the KASU lecturers is tantamount to a childhood exuberance. University is not like a Primary School. Some might say the politicians can go to the diaspora and get lecturers. The question is: how can they be paid in the present economic conundrum bedeviling the State? And how will they start, even if par adventure, they are being employed? There is a Hausa adage: " da dan gari kanci gari".

To shed more lights, the weapon of a politician in the Nigerian context is money, which he thinks he can use to manipulate his people; which he thinks he can use to threaten the cowards among them with the ultimatum of sacking them. The weapon of the Military leader, is the instrument of coercion. If my reader will go back to the historical narratives, my reader will get more information on the then ASUU members during the era of former military President,  Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, and how they locked horns with him.

 To quote late ( Dr ) Yusuf Maitama Sule, Dan Masanin Kano where he says: " the purpose of history is to study the past, in other to adjust the present, so as to plan for the future." To study history you don't need to be a historian. The pen is the symbol that symbolize the symbol of the academics, and it is the greatest weapon of all time. Whatever you will become in life, the pen of a scholar is that umbilical cord that connects you to it. Thanks to the scholars, the backbones of every development. But alas! In the Nigerian context, scholars are treated with disdain and, we are ashamedly calling her the giant of Africa. Let us stop deceiving ourselves.

To the electorates, I will like to crave your indulgence, your PVC is your weapon. You should not and  never use your PVC again to build the career of someone who will destroy your careers. You should use your PVC to build the careers of those who will build your careers. There is a saying " once bitten twice shy" and "To be forearm is to be forworn".

Also, we can use the military might in bringing an end to Nigeria's security challenge. At this critical point of Nigeria's quagmire, we only need intellectuals to give Economic Models of bringing Nigeria out of the woods. Going back to historical nostalgia, John Maynard Keynes an Economist by displine, was able to solved the world greatest depression bedeviling Europe in the 1920s to 1030s. He wrote a book titled: " THE GENERAL THEORY OF EMPLOYMENT INTEREST AND MONEY

The aim of my write-up is not to espouse on the Keynesian Economic postulates. If you want to know more about John Maynard Keynes and his Economics doctrines, I refer you to Utube, particularly VIDMATE to download the clip of an Economic Historian, Professor Lord Robert Skedelsky by name,  so as to watch the Keynesian Economic doctrines, hook, line and sinker, or you can contact me to send you the clip through XENDER.  Don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

Penultimately, only intellectualism can be the solution to the perennial tussles of the problems bedeviling Nigeria. We thank God that the leadership of ASUU is in the hands of Economics Department, under the able leadership of Dr Peter Adamu. Even we the boys of Dr Peter Adamu, can give Economic Models, to solve the Nigerian Economic problems, let alone our icon of imitation. The like of Dr Peter Adamu are the replicas of Economic advicers that will advise the Nigerian Government, on how solve Nigerian Economic problems intact. I am not blowing his trumpet, because he is my lecturer and role model but, because of the leadership acumen he has exhibited as the incumbent ASUU Chairman KASU Chapter, steering its affairs efficaciously. His leadership style, is enough as an empirical evidence to prove his prowess, as a square peg in a square hole.  Example they say is better than precept.

In conclusion, I deem it fit at this juncture to say that, the lecturers that succumb to the ultimatum of a so-called political leader, did not pass the litmus test on their resolution. The leader whose  political life span is about to be thrown into the linguistic dungeon of once upon a time, is intimidating them. Amazing! Those so-called lecturers did not think otside the box. The trajectory of their thinking was infinitesimal. They did not see the light in the near horizon. I oblige those lecturers not to allow their ego to overshadow their sense of logic, as in the case of any encounter in the future of the same magnitude. Political office is ephemeral; academics is for life. ''IF YOU STANDS FOR NOTHING; YOU WILL FALL FOR NOTHING" I have gotten the inspiration and insight of my write-up from the above quotation, I have heard from Dr Peter Adamu, when I met him on campus yesterday evening. That was how the idea about the write-up sprouted. In fact, it was my amiable Dr Peter Adamu, who saw me with my intimate colleaque Abdulhadi Nuhu, walking on campus and called us. I remain loyal to you SIR, my indefatigable and untouchable MENTOR. My pen is ever ready to depend you and intellectuals of your reputation. Thank you Dr, for standing for us, by us and with us; in sunshine and in rain; in storm and in the calm. He who is with God is the majority. Long  live ASUU National Chairman; long live ASUU Chairman KASU CHAPTER; long live ASUU CHAIRMEN/CHAIRLADIES representing the Federal and the State Universities Nationwide; long live all ASUU MEMBERS Nationwide; long live all Nigerian Students affected by ASUU strike. Thank you.

Credits to : Lawal M. Kasim 

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